Stress-Eat-Sleep Cycle


Has the time come for you to start getting more restorative sleep at night? You are tired of feeling tired, and know you have to do something about it. Fortunately, those suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, nightmares, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other issues impacting sleep do have hope. Many patients in your shoes have come to the office of Dr. Jay R. Goldman, and have seen their issues resolved. You just have to take that first step and reach out to him, in order to the get the process started.

Stress, eating and sleep can end up forming a vicious cycle when you aren’t careful. As Psychology Today recently discussed, stress can cause sleeplessness, which can cause hunger – which can lead to weight gain and more stress. And, unfortunately, it is pretty easy for this cycle to spiral out of control, with no end in sight. However, when people are able to understand that insomnia can be a common issue, and stop stressing so much about it, they are taking the first step towards overcoming the situation. Plus, naps and exercise are a couple of ways to get passed the issues at hand.

Are you having trouble getting enough sleep at night? It is possible that your stress-eat-sleep cycle is causing problems in your life. However, Dr. Jay R. Goldman is ready to get to work with you, as you attempt to get to the bottom of whatever is wreaking havoc in your life. Once you get to the root of your issues, you just may be surprised how much easier sleep is to come by. Contact Dr. Jay R. Goldman, today, and set up your appointment.

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