Make Sure To Take Care Of Your Brain


There are many issues that can lead to problems getting enough sleep at night. Insomnia, chronic pain, nightmares, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and a number of other issues can all plague your life in different ways. Fortunately, when it comes to these types of problems, Dr. Jay R. Goldman has solutions that can go a long way towards turning your life around for the better. You may just be surprised how much simpler everything seems when you are getting restorative sleep. He will help you figure out ways to take care of your brain, and as a recent Psychology Today article highlighted, that can be critical.

  • Playing catch up – Some people try to “catch up” on sleep during the weekend. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that, and consistent lack of sleep and fragmented sleep can lead to depression, or cause elevated mood in bipolar disorder patients. Going to bed and waking up at the same time, seven days a week, is the ideal situation to achieve.
  • Food – Healthy foods aren’t just important for your body. They will also help out your brain health. They don’t have to break the bank either, as long as you focus on the right options, while avoiding junk food. Healthy portion sizes are also much smaller than we have become accustomed to eating.
  • Exercise – Exercise is another thing that positively impacts both the body and mind. You have to overcome the thought process that you’re too tired to exercise, or that there isn’t enough time in the day. Physical activity actually increases energy, and it doesn’t take going to the gym. Simply taking the stairs at work can make a difference.

The aforementioned ideas can start to turn the tide of your sleeping issues. However, there is a chance you may need to dive deep into a psychological issue with Dr. Jay R. Goldman. He has seen just about everything over his years in the business, and he is well equipped to help you through your problem. The bottom line is that you don’t have to suffer in silence for another minute. Contact Dr. Jay R. Goldman, today, and set up your appointment.

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