Addiction Treatments With Dr. Jay R. Goldman


Are you or a loved one struggling to get your eight hours of sleep at night? Does six hours of sleep sound like a nice thought at this point? When you aren’t getting enough rest, all of life’s little tasks can seem like a major obstacle. But, those suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, nightmares, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or other related issues can find¬†treatment options with Dr. Jay R. Goldman. He would welcome the opportunity to work with you, and help you get to the bottom of your issue.

One particularly difficult issue to overcome is addiction. Addiction comes in many forms and severities, and it can be extremely difficult on a family. Dr. Jay R. Goldman has been an outside consultant in six drug & alcohol rehab centers in South Florida, and that experience counts for a lot. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people change how they feel about themselves. The best results come from working with a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP), and at the office, you get to work with Dr. Jay R. Goldman and a CAP, together.

Has the time come to make some major changes in your life? When you are suffering from addiction, aren’t getting enough sleep, or experiencing any difficult times, you may feel alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to be alone, especially when you have Dr. Jay R. Goldman to work with you. He knows that your situation can be overcome, as long as you are willing to put in the effort. Contact Dr. Jay R. Goldman, today, and set up your appointment.

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