Grief & Loss Treatment With Dr. Jay R. Goldman


Are you struggling to get the proper amount of sleep at night? Without a quality night’s rest, life can seem much more difficult than it should. But, those suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, nightmares, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other related issues have hope. Dr. Jay R. Goldman has helped many people regain normalcy in their lives, and you can be next. Don’t give up hope of restorative sleep, without trying the many available treatment options at his office.

A tricky area to deal with is the grief emotions that come from loss. The bottom line is that Dr. Jay R. Goldman invites you to come in and see if you’re comfortable talking to him about how you are feeling. In terms of treatment, he uses EMDR, which has proven to work very well for this particular type of emotional issue. In addition, he uses his own personality, sensitivity, and experience to help you through your situation. Time is the most important element when you are dealing with pain from loss, and Dr. Jay R. Goldman can be there for you during the journey, if you wish.

When you are dealing with a difficult issue, it may feel like you are all alone. However, there have been countless people who have gone through a similar problem, and come out on the other side. Dr. Jay R. Goldman has seen it happen, and he wants to help you become the next to experience this. Sometimes, just regaining a normal night’s sleep is the first step towards healing. Contact Dr. Jay R. Goldman, today, and ask any questions that you may have.

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